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Tapstar Pro Google Review Stand

Increase your monthly reviews by 20% in the next 30 days or Full Money-Back ⚡

One-Tap Google Review Tap Stand & Card: Boost Google Reviews and Increase Sales through Effortless reviews! 

TapStar Pro Google review tap stand transforms business reviews with its new NFC one-touch stand and card, making it easy for customers to leave feedback. This simple solution not only improves Google reviews but also helps with local SEO, reduces negative feedback, and turns reviews into revenue for businesses.

**TapStar Pro is not connected with Google. Our cards are tools designed to improve results and simplify the process for your customers to leave reviews on this platform.

TapStar Pro: Unlock Premium Features with a Single Payment - Google Review Stand

One Time Payment

TapStar Pro - Google Review Stand requires no monthly subscriptions.

No Monthly Subscription

TapStar Pro - Google Review Stand provides unlimited taps

Unlimited Taps

TapStar Pro - Google Review Stand works with both Android & iOS Phone

Works with iOS & Android

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Collect More Google Reviews Today

To collect Google reviews using Tapstar Pro’s one-tap review stand/card, customers simply tap their phone on the Tapstar Pro stand and are INSTANTLY brought to your Google review page! 

Easy Setup 📥

Easily assemble your TapStar stand in under two minutes for a hassle-free setup experience.

Find your setup guide here. 

Local SEO Boost 👑

Having many positive reviews for your business makes Google search engines think you’re really great, so they show your business higher up in the search results. This means more people can find you easily and become your customers!O

Universal Phone Compatibility 📱

Utilizing the same technology as “Apple Pay” or “Google Pay,” TapStar Pro stand allows any NFC-compatible phone, typically models from 2018 onward, to make use of its features.

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The best way to enhance your GOOGLE reviews is with Tapstar Pro One Touch Reviews Stand/Cards.

Improve your Google rankings and attract more customers with numerous positive reviews.

Skyrocket your reviews and sales with easy, one-touch reviews stand and top Google SEO rankings!

Easily surpass your competitors with quick, hassle-free reviews! Become the top-rated business in your area instantly with Tapstar Pro. 

Compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones from 2016 onwards, just like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Quickly set up your Tapstar Pro with our 1-minute PDF guide for a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 🙋🏼‍♂️

TapStar uses special technology that lets customers quickly leave reviews by tapping their phone on our stand or card. It’s super easy and fast! We use the same cool tech as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Just so you know, TapStar has nothing to do with Google. Our cards are like helpful tools to make it easier for your customers to leave reviews on this platform.

Yes, you’ll need to set up the TapStar Stand yourself. We offer a straightforward installation guide available here. Once you’ve followed the steps and set them up in your store, they’ll be good to go!

With TapStar Pro – Google review stand, customers can easily leave reviews by tapping their phone on our stand or card. It’s quick and simple! We use the same technology as Apple Pay or Google Pay. It’s essential to know that TapStar Pro is not connected to Google. Our cards are like helpful tools to make it easier for your customers to leave reviews on this platform.

Yes, you’ll need to set up the TapStar Pro Stand yourself. We offer a straightforward installation guide available here. Once you’ve followed the steps and set them up in your store, they’ll be good to go!

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to set up each device for a different location if required!

We believe in the effectiveness of TapStar Pro, and we want you to feel confident in choosing our product. That’s why we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. Here’s how it works:

Our Guarantee: If, within the first 30 days of using TapStar Pro, your average monthly reviews don’t increase by at least 20%, we’ll provide a full refund.

How to Claim:

  1. Use TapStar Pro consistently for at least 30 days.
  2. Keep track of your average monthly reviews before and after using TapStar Pro.
  3. If your reviews haven’t increased by at least 20%, collect evidence (like screenshots or analytics data).
  4. Contact our support team at [email protected] with your purchase details, review evidence, and a brief explanation.

Upon approval, we’ll initiate the refund process. Please note, the customer is responsible for the return shipping cost. You’ll receive a full refund within 14 business days after returning the product.

Absolutely! TapStar Pro is compatible with all smartphone types, including iPhones and Android devices. Regardless of your customers’ phone preferences, they can easily use TapStar Pro to leave reviews.

TapStar Pro is a one-time purchase, and there are no extra fees or subscriptions needed. Once you have the stand or card, you can use it indefinitely to gather reviews without any ongoing costs.

To give feedback on your business with TapStar Pro, customers need to have a Google account. Most smartphone users already have a Google account from using popular platforms like YouTube, Gmail, or Google Maps. In fact, 91% of smartphone users have an active Google account.

By making use of the widespread use of Google accounts, TapStar Pro ensures that most of your customers can easily leave reviews.

Yes, TapStar Pro is designed with security in mind. The NFC technology used is secure and ensures that customer information is protected during the review process.

NFC cards and QR codes both do similar things by allowing contactless data transfer, but they use different technologies:

  • NFC Card: Needs close proximity for data transfer, offering enhanced security and faster transactions. It’s great for secure transactions like payments.

  • QR Code: Can be scanned from a distance using a smartphone’s camera. It’s commonly used for various purposes like marketing and ticketing.

NFC is more secure and quicker, especially for sensitive transactions, making it advantageous in certain situations.

Customers just need to tap on the TapStar Pro—no need for additional steps. This simple action will smoothly take them to your Google Review page, making it hassle-free to access and leave reviews.

TapStar Pro never expires or has a review limit! 

Tapstar Pro Google Review Stand Users
Users of the Tapstar Pro Google Review Stand
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 136 reviews)
Very good0%

Reviews are where Tapstar Pro excels.

3 June 2024

I’ve had my store stuff up for a week, and only got one new review.

Ethan T

Product excellence is unleashed by Tapstar Pro.

1 June 2024

It’s good!

Samantha R

Enjoy seamless performance with the Tapstar Pro Stand.

31 May 2024

We got this cool thing for our team, easy to use.

Xavier P

Exceptional service: Exceeds expectations.

30 May 2024

Fast shipping and excellent customer service! The product quality is outstanding.


Tapstar Pro shines as Google Stand triumphs.

29 May 2024

These things are super easy to set up and I can’t wait to use them when my restaurant opens.

Isabella F

Achievement of product perfection by Tapstar Pro.

28 May 2024

This will help us get more reviews. Thanks, Tapstar!

Caleb S

Volumes are spoken by the reviews of Tapstar Pro.

25 May 2024

I’m really happy I got this item! FIVE STARS!

Priya S

Lightning Fast Service and Top-Notch Product—A Game-Changer for Google Reviews!

23 May 2024

Wow, this thing is amazing! It arrived super fast, and their service was awesome! The product itself is top-notch! I’m totally loving it! It’s so easy to get real reviews quickly. Thanks to this, I’ve got way more Google reviews, and my ranking has shot up! All thanks to their great service and speedy shipping.

Katherine J

Effortless and incredibly fast: Smooth process.

22 May 2024

I absolutely love it! This is a quick and easy method for obtaining genuine reviews.


Success stands out with Tapstar Pro reviews.

22 May 2024

The Tapstar Pro is super cool for small businesses like mine. I love it! It’s easy for clients to use.

Lucas T
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