Shop Google Review Stand For Business and Google Review Cards by Tapstar Pro – Free Shipping all over Canada, USA, and Europe.

With the TapStar stand, we link your Google review page to our Tapstar Pro Google Review Stand For Business or Google Review Card, allowing customers to tap and review your business in 3-5 seconds without any hassle (like Apple/Google Pay).

To collect Google reviews using Tapstar Pro’s one-tap review stand, customers simply tap their phone on the Tapstar Pro stand and are INSTANTLY brought to your Google review page!

Nowadays, in this competitive market, reviews mean revenue ($$$). More positive reviews bring more customers, and positive reviews help increase your visibility on Google search and also earn customer trust.

→ One-Time Payment & No Monthly Subscriptions
→ Collects Reviews in just 3 seconds
→ NFC-Enabled (like Apple/Google Pay)
→ Boost local SEO and earn customer trust

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